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Special Prayer Request – Joplin Shooting

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Note: The series “What We Do When We Do Church” will continue next time. This is a special devotion of response to recent events in Joplin, Missouri.

The church I serve – St. Matthew Lutheran, Hawthorn Woods – participates in Lutheran Church Charities’ Comfort Dog Program.

comfort dogs

This picture is of my colleague and I with some of the comfort dogs.

Yesterday, we received news that there was a shooting in Joplin, Missouri that involved Immanuel Lutheran, Joplin’s comfort dog team.

This is from their Facebook Page:

Please keep the members of our Immanuel-Joplin Comfort Dog team in your prayers, as well as the other individuals involved in this morning’s shooting spree in Joplin. One of our members is in critical care after being shot in the lung. Another was shot in the arm. Another took glass fragments to the head. All are out of surgery and in stable condition. The…

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Vote to have Harley’s picture put on the tail of a Frontier Airliner!


#AdoptDontShop #StopPuppyMills

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A few weeks back, I experience an EPIPHANY.  I have been on WordPress for years now, and have only posted 3 times up until now.  Actually each of those posts was more of what I felt was an obligation to post something because I have a blog.

Well anyway, i was searching the other day for people I hadn’t heard about for a while, and wanted to see it they were leaving any footprints on the web.  So I checked one individual out, and what did I find?  He has a blog. And not just any kind of blog.  A totally self-serving blog.  And that does not surprise me, because that goes right along with the type of person he is.


I spent about a half an hour looking through his blog, which is about 29 minutes more than I should have.  But here is where the EPIPHANY occurred.  


One of the reasons I have not posted, is that I want to write a great, accurate, informative, and entertaining post.  Well, I observed that, the opposite of that was occurring here.  This person not only presents opinions of news items as fact, but also tells his audience that he doesn’t have time for an article, and why.  (There is something inherently wrong with this concept, why not just ignore it).. 


I guess he likes to type.  He did have some comments, but not as many as I would have expected, as his name came up enough time on Google, that he could hardly be missed.


So, I am now going to blog.  I have opinions, and most of what I will blog will be opinions.  Lately, if I develop an opinion, someone will post, or editorialize, something supporting my opinion.  So why not post my opinions first?  I also know quite a bit of stuff.  But I don’t really thing I know things that other people don’t know.  Anyway, if I publish a fact, I will, hopefully, identify it as such.  


Anyway, I will endeavor to blog, at least weekly.  Maybe more frequently.  Because I believe that what I have to say is at least as important as ‘What’s his name”.

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Friday! Just what does that mean?

Well, Friday means different things to different folks.  Most of us look forward to the weekend as a time we do not need to go to work.  If you have an average 5 day a week, 8 hour a day, Monday thru Friday, first shift, job.  Some of us work on weekends, some work 6 days on our job, some work 7.  Some have other jobs, or businesses that we tend to on the weekend.

This is a special weekend for the Christian Faith.  It is Easter.  And today is Good Friday.

So to those of you who observe Easter, have a wonderful Easter.  I hope you can spend it with your family and loved ones.  For those of you who cannot be with family or loved ones, know that they are with you in spirit.

For those of you who don’t observe Easter, have an equally wonderful weekend. And for you I wish the same things.  I hope you can spend it with your family and loved ones.  For those of you who cannot be with family or loved ones, know that they are with you in spirit.

One of the messages Easter has for me is one of love.  Love from someone that may not be closely related to us, but cares about us. 

You don’t need to follow any particular discipline to observe and understand this meaning.  Our world can be a better place if we love and respect others, regardless or who they are, where they are from, or what they believe.

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My First Post

This is the first post on my new blog.  I am brand new to this, but hope to learn how to use it effectively.  It is not my intention to bore people with information about myself, but with information that can help others.  And hopefully, those ideas I can offer to others will attract other information that can help myself and others.  I am just getting the hang of how to set up this page, so it will be going through many changes over the next few weeks, or months, or even years.  Come back later, and see the changes, and take in the information.  If you have any ideas or requests of what I can provide, just leave some feedback.  I will provide the information, if I can.  I can even try to get the information.  Just let me know.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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